Bunnies are "Peaceful"

peaceful bunnies beveren rabbit

I wouldn't call myself a "morning person" (team night owl, 100%) but only because I'm a 10 alarm level snoozer. But I do love mornings. The cool breeze, the warm pastel sunrises, the birds chirping away. The whole scene is just great.

I've come to love mornings even more being here in the valley, because it's the calm before the storm. This is the time to hang out with the bunnies (or run errands) before things get crazy hot for the rest of the day.

The rabbits, with their quiet rabbity ways, are so therapeutic to sit with. They eat, groom each other, clean their little faces, bounce around - I could watch them for hours.

So I thought I'd take a video to share featuring of one of my favorite morning scenes - babies piling at the door for their breakfast and pets with sweet bird songs in the background. 

What actually happened was a video of babies piling at the door, with sweet bird songs in the background, accented by the furious, incessant hurling of a wood branch chew courtesy of a young buck nicknamed Heartz. Apparently he was not happy with my delay in serving breakfast (this isn't the first time) so he sound-bombed the video with perfectly comedic timing. 

Thanks Heartz, you saucy little bee. Volume up for the full juxtoposition of sweet and spicy.

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