Mountain Magic and Modesto Milling

We started feeding Modesto Milling Organic Rabbit Feed back when we lived in Humboldt. Ironically, it was easier to find up north than it is here in the valley - you could even find it at the food co-op in a bulk dispenser up there! I was surprised I couldn't find it here - Humboldt was around 8 hours from the mill, here it's just about an hour away. 

Luckily, the good people at the feed store in the mountains have been keeping it in stock for us. It's about a 45 minute drive so I used to call and make sure they had it in....eventually someone told me we're the only ones who buy it, and they know our routine to keep it in stock. 😂 

The drive might be long but it really is beautiful. I love seeing the scenery change from city to mountains - not so much back again, but hey, at least the car smells like sweet hay and alfalfa pellets. And the feed is totally worth it. The rabbits don't eat all organic (they get lots of fruit + veggie waste from the grocery store which is not sorted) but the feed is always fresh and the rabbits thrive on it - not a single GI or weaning related issue since we started feeding it. That alone is worth the extra dollars, I think!

central california mountains


This sign hasn't changed in 6 months, but it's still funny to me every time.

We also stopped to pet some free puppies and stalk mountain houses for sale. #shameless #wheninrome

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