Vintage Treasures and Beveren Rabbit History

I have a small collection of old photos that I just love so much. Mostly animals and places.  I love taking a look into another time, seeing how the world has changed. 

This one is my most treasured right now. I didn't know it at the time, but I was really lucky to come across this photo when I did. It's been over 6 months and I haven't found any Beveren photos since.

Beveren Show Rabbit Vintage Photo


rabbit vintage photo

The back reads "Here are some Easter Greetings. A basketful of the most valuable rabbits that are bred, which were recently exhibited at a London show. They are said to be worth $500. The basket includes White Beveren, Sable, Sitka, Chinchilla and Angora rabbits." 
Dated May 29, 1930.

I don't see an Angora in the photo, but the rest of the breeds look correct. The Sitka, according to the Livestock Conservancy, was the early version of today's Black Beveren. Maybe some rabbit history buffs can confirm this or share more details?

Here are some other favorites. Enjoy!

vintage photo goat buik

Goat and a Buick. Something about this one makes me think of being a kid and setting up my animals for photos, before everything was digital. I didn't really care if the photo was good, I just wanted something to remember them by.

These days photos are judged on focus, clarity and megapixels, but this photo just feels like someone just really loved their goat and their car and never wanted to forget them.

menal lake michigan vintage photo

Menal Lake in Michigan. I get really homesick for the place I grew up. This to me is what I think of when I remember it (the best of it, of course). So many trees it feels like a hug, reflected in the lake edged with lush vegetation, full of life.

rough collie getting bath vintage photo

Washing the dog! I think this used to be a strictly outside activity. I love that Rough Collie. 

bernal heights san francisco vintage photo

Bernal Heights in San Francisco, where I used to live. I'm not sure why it says Maxwell on Bernal Hill. This is actually a postcard reproduction, but I thought the image was interesting.

onekma manistee county fair michigan vintage photo

Some kind of funny "Exchange of the Package" horse race tradition at the Manistee County Fair in Onekama, Michigan. My grandparents used to live there, and I love anything to do with the county fair, so this one was a given. Such a great moment.

black cats vintage photo

Black cats on a bed. I love the composition and negative space of this photo. I have questions about it though. Well, really just one - why are there so many cats on the bed, but no sheets? Have cats really been tormenting their owners trying to do chores for that long? It appears so.

michigan vintage photo

Another sweet Michigan landscape.

two women on a horse vintage photo

Two women on a horse. I'm not sure what the horse is wearing, it looks decorative? And I love the old building in the background.

vintage rabbit hutch photo

And last but not least, my favorite photo next to the Beveren basket. This photo melts my heart. It came all the way from Germany, and I was surprised to find the smallest photo I had ever seen in the envelope. It's about the size of a film cell, less than 2 inches tall. The little scalloped edges, the old style wooden hutches, the baby rabbits piling out of the door for their hay just as they do today.... this photo is time travelling magic to me. I love that this small thing was treasured for so long by someone, probably in Germany, and somehow made it here to be treasured by me.

Does anyone else collect vintage photos, specifically rabbit related? I'd love to see what you have - just send me an email at or message me on Facebook.

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