You found it! My treasure trove of animal art, writing and creative inspiration.

Whether you're shopping for a unique gift, looking for a custom piece, or just want to scroll through some art, I hope you'll find something you love here.

Take a break from the daily hustle and enjoy some free art therapy. Time spent with art is time well spent! I work in many mediums and styles, but one thing is always the same - nature rules.

Over 100 different breeds of animals available on quality products, with new designs and breeds added weekly. It's kind of like a giant party for animal lovers. Choose a favorite below.

Have an awesome idea? Need the perfect logo? I've been designing professionally for 6 years and practicing for over a decade. My clients love that I can bring their unique style and needs into visual form, and guide them through the whole process. I'm also into animal confirmation so your type is safe with me - and those sweet little details that make your pet the cutest.

Life as an artist, musings about animals, aspiring homestead dreams and the occasional recipe.

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My love of artistic entrepeunership began at the crisp age of eight. I used to page through the Grolier Encyclopedias and draw every breed of dog, paying great attention to each breed's distinct characteristics. Naturally, I began taking commissions at my elementary school (.25c per Pokemon portrait). From there, things really took off from there.

I've worked as a pro pet photographer (claim to fame: Petco bought one of my photos), a graphic designer (ctf: a 1950s style foldable map for the neighborhood of Bernal Heights), a social media marketer (ctf: raising over $100k for a dog rescue in one month), a renegade illustrator (ctf: creating 3 designs for Sublime), even a goat herder (ctf: herding 50 mini-horse-sized horned goats up and down the hills of San Francisco and living to tell the tale).

I'm a rabbit loving, homestead aspiring, DIY everything, granny-at-heart, salt of the earth kind of person. I designed and built this website and hope you find it fun. Please send me an email or Facebook message if you have any suggestions! Thanks for visiting my little nook on the web.

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